7 Ways We Can Provide Companionship This Winter

Article by guest author, Lily Harris (lily.harris@harbourmail.co.uk) If we learnt anything from our last lockdown, it is the importance of companionship, especially for our elderly loved ones. But, with winter fast approaching us, we face the challenge of finding ways to keep in contact with older relatives and friends whilst staying inside to keep awayContinue reading “7 Ways We Can Provide Companionship This Winter”

How to Make Dining in Dementia Care WAY Better

I’ve often found that senior living communities offer stronger dining programs to those without dementia. But why is that? I think that it’s mostly because there’s an assumption that people living with dementia won’t know or care that they’re getting different food or treatment. In one community where I worked, residents with dementia were constantlyContinue reading “How to Make Dining in Dementia Care WAY Better”

How to find the right community

Are you enjoying my blog posts? Grab a free download of one chapter from my audiobook here and also receive any future helpful tips and posts right to your inbox! I’m often asked, “When should you move someone to a care community?” My simplest answer is this: if you’ve been thinking about it, it’s probablyContinue reading “How to find the right community”

Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?

I often meet people who tell me about their loved one’s “behaviors” and ask how to “fix them.” My first question is this: Is that behavior worth worrying about? Let’s take a few examples and decide which ones we should be worried about finding solutions for. They’ve begun to urinate in the house plants, thinkingContinue reading “Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?”

How do you do it? Let’s put our dementia caregiving skills to the test in this episode! My 10th episode is sponsored by STOVE GUARD INTERNATIONAL LTD. You can find them on the Web at stoveguardintl.com or on Facebook or Twitter with the handle @StoveGuardIntLL or on Instagram @stove.guard

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