How to find the right community

I’m often asked, “When should you move someone to a care community?” My simplest answer is this: if you’ve been thinking about it, it’s probably been time. What I find is that many caregivers consider the idea of transitioning a loved one into a dementia care community, do some preliminary research, feel anxious and overwhelmedContinue reading “How to find the right community”

Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?

I often meet people who tell me about their loved one’s “behaviors” and ask how to “fix them.” My first question is this: Is that behavior worth worrying about? Let’s take a few examples and decide which ones we should be worried about finding solutions for. They’ve begun to urinate in the house plants, thinkingContinue reading “Is that “behavior” worth worrying about?”

How do you do it? Let’s put our dementia caregiving skills to the test in this episode! My 10th episode is sponsored by STOVE GUARD INTERNATIONAL LTD. You can find them on the Web at or on Facebook or Twitter with the handle @StoveGuardIntLL or on Instagram @stove.guard

Thank you so much for your very timely post on not telling Mom we sold her house. I recently sold my Mother’s house after she has been in an A/L facility for almost two years. It took me that long to get past the feelings of guilt and betrayal. But now…what DO I tell her when (in a coherent moment) she asks about her house? And what do I say if an uncooperative family member or unknowing friend or ex-neighbor mentions it to her?

I would say, “The house is fine,” because that’s true: it IS fine. I would talk to uncooperative people and explain that her reality is her reality. If this means that you need to reassure her that you still own the house, you can also do that!

On today’s episode we’ll be talking about the TWO THINGS that you’ve been overlooking when trying to solve behavioral challenges for people living with dementia. This episode is sponsored by New Dawn Dementia Understandings at – To register for a seminar with Donna and her company, or to schedule a class at your community,Continue reading

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