Category: Dementia Care

The #1 EASY Dementia Care Activity Tip!

Transcript Hey everybody, Rachel Wonderland here, coming to you with another car video! I’m actually in a community or outside of a community right now,

Why Dementia isn’t a PLOT DEVICE!

Transcript Rachel here back with another car video! No, I didn’t film this in January or February. I did film it indeed in March, but

“They all think I’m crazy.”

“We’ve got to get out of here!” she screamed. “They are dangerous people and they’re after us! They think I’m crazy but I know the

Low engagement? Give them CONTROL.

I often hear from care partners and dementia care professionals alike that “getting the person living with dementia to do something is really hard!” While

Finding New Love in Memory Care?

A short story from my time working as a Dementia Care Director at my first building They sat, holding hands, talking softly in his room. 

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