NEW Jelly Drops for Dementia ARRIVED!


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I got the new jelly drops! Thank you to jelly drops for sending these to me to try out. If you watch my last video about jelly drops, they came in totally different packaging and they were all together. So these are really cool. These are the snack pots, and I will show them to you in just a second. So I got a whole bunch of them sent to me. So I get to try them out. They come in strawberry, and this is the berry pack. So it’s raspberry, strawberry, and black current. And I’m going to do a closeup on these in a second. So you can kind of see them a little better. You can see this a little bit better now. They used to come in just a square and I wish that I had more for you to show you, but I don’t because I brought them to senior living communities with me and everybody ate them all.

So these come in slightly more, you know travel-friendly pouches. It’s a lot easier to just grab one of these and take it with you, which I really like. So I would go ahead and if you have not seen my other video about jelly drops, definitely check that out. Jelly drops are a great way to get people living with dementia in particular, to drink more water because these little things are 90 – 95% water. So they’re pretty cool. I’m going to go ahead and open this up and check it out. And also this is the first time I’m opening this up. So you get to see a live thing. They’re the same shape as the other ones were when jelly drops contacted me and said, okay, we’d love for you to make a video. If we can, you know, we’ll send you this new version.

I actually thought that maybe they meant these were different, but the jelly drops themselves are not different. It’s the packaging, but then, this is actually way more user-friendly, honestly. And these come in different flavors. You can see it’s packaged very nicely. We’ve got the black current and also the strawberry. So they’re really fun to eat. I know because I brought them around to work with me to different senior living communities. And everybody had a great time trying these out and eating them. So I’m going to hold this microphone away from my mouth while I chew. There you go.

Really good. I actually think it tastes a little better than the first round. Hmm. Okay. So yeah, really fun. They’re kind of like like a, almost like a jello consistency. When I handed them to people, I watched a lot of people like biting half of it. And I said, just put the whole thing in your mouth. And some people like love the consistency and they thought it was really cool. Other people were weirded out by it. Most people liked it. So I think it totally depends on you and how you are with consistency.

They stay together. When I first tried them in the first round, I thought that maybe if you bit into one, it would feel like it was full of water, but that’s not what it is. So, that’s my take on it. I really like how they keep innovating on the packaging. These are a lot easier to get to people because you don’t have to worry about carrying around a whole box. They’re cute. I love the packaging. And honestly, I really just like this company. I think they’re super innovative and they’re looking to solve a problem, which is people living with dementia, not drinking enough water in a really fun, interesting, creative way. So I appreciate that about them. They are now shipping to the United States. They are a UK-based company. And as far as I know, you can now get some jelly drops, but I am really excited to say that I’m pretty sure I’m one of the first people in the US to get it in this form. So thank you to jelly drops for sending these over! And tune in for more videos like this.

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