“Where’s the ‘line’ when it comes to ‘lying?’ What IS Embracing Their Reality™?”

What’s the difference between lying and Embracing their Reality? I keep hearing people using this phrase incorrectly.

There are a lot of people who consider themselves experts in dementia care communication and they are still telling everybody the same thing that you’ve been hearing for years: Validation, Redirection, Distraction.

And that’s NOT Embracing their Reality™. It’s also not lying when you are doing what’s true for THEM.

Stay for the entirety of this episode where I break down the difference between these two dementia care approaches.

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2 thoughts on ““Where’s the ‘line’ when it comes to ‘lying?’ What IS Embracing Their Reality™?””

  1. By avoiding calling it lying, when it is clearly a lie, you are preventing developing proper governance around this issue. I think there is a major ethical concern regarding such avoidance.

    1. Proper governance? I don’t believe you can govern what happens in communication when one party is just trying to do what’s best for the other one. Living in someone’s reality isn’t a lie: it’s doing what’s true for them.

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