“How do we tell him that we sold his house?”

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you’ll probably know the answer to this one…


Your loved one may be pretty attached to that house and to the feeling of home that it holds for them, so you can imagine how traumatic it can be to tell them that you sold that house.

Stay for the entirety of this episode for some tips and advice on how to deal with this subject as it will inevitably come up!

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2 thoughts on ““How do we tell him that we sold his house?””

  1. We moved mom in with us 1 month ago and she keeps asking if we sold the house yet? We tell her no not yet? She even has ideas as to who should move into it. So this one is throwing me for a loop. She has late stage Alzheimer’s.

    1. Hi Carolyn! It almost sounds like she’s curious and wants to help with the sale, is that accurate? I’d actually ask her that and see. She’s not REALLY going to help with the sale, but if she has ideas for who is moving in, let’s let her brainstorm or “plan”.

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