S1:E23: Prepping for the holidays when a loved one has dementia

Prepping for the holidays when a family member has dementia Instead of stressing yourself out, listen in on these tips to make your holidays a lot easier! Planning holiday gatherings can be hard enough, but when we add someone living with dementia to the mix, the stress level increases dramatically. How can we plan ahead? Listen in. This episode sponsored by Flying Angels, check them out on flyingangels.com to learn how they can help you fly the skies safely! Corresponding written post: http://www.enlivant.com/blog/holiday-tips-for-dementia-caregivers?fbclid=IwAR3yQNDNABuGerjb5qQykM9w8es1oSuE9wTQYW4Tuhgp-Tl2f2uuq-zeqQU Are you enjoying my podcast? Please rate & review! Learn more about how I can help your organization here: https://rachaelwonderlin.com/workwithme/

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16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia

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