Hi, love the blog, it’s very humanizing and insightful. Do you have any advice on how to deal with a relative who gets really angry at caregivers? She yells, and I think even tries to fire them. I’m afraid I’m a little out of the loop so I don’t know exactly what about them makes her so angry, but any general advice you may have would be really helpful.

Thank you! I feel like I’d need to know more about this situation, but usually anger like this comes from a feeling and fear of lack of control. She probably feels like she’s not in control of any aspect of her life, so, as most people would do, she’s freaking out. Is there a way we can give her back some control? Even tiny things, like letting her wash her face in the shower instead of having them do it. And, ensure that there is nothing medical going on, like a recurring urinary tract infection, of course.

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