New website = new offers

I’m really excited because… 

  • I’m moving away from one-time trainings and spending more time on what I really enjoy doing: consulting projects.
  • I now offer a calendar on my site where you can book a phone call with me. This means zero back-and-forth emails about when we’re both available.
  • Step One of my new consulting package is my EVALUATE & ESCALATE offer. It’s normally $1,500, but you can book it for only $975 through the end of May. This offer includes: 
    • A detailed evaluation of your current dementia care program with proposed solutions you can implement, including interior design concepts to make your building more dementia-friendly 
    • 3 staff webinars 
    • 1-month access to my online “Everything You Need to Know About Dementia” course for anyone who wishes to take it (maybe your residents’ or clients’ family members!) 
    • 25 signed copies of my book

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