I love this app for people living with dementia

This app is free to anyone with an iPad, and I’m not even getting paid or endorsed to talk about it: I just love it that much! I stumbled upon the app a month or so ago while looking through the App Store on my device.

“A Better Visit” was designed by Dementia Australia for people living with dementia and their care partners. The goal is to give you something to bring with you, or do with, your relative or friend with dementia. There are a number of different games on the app, so I just demoed a few for you in the video above.

The games are easy and fun, and there’s a clear goal in mind. The app is easy to see and the visualizations are clever and attention-grabbing.

I even appreciate the language used by the designers who are explaining how to use the app: they do this with care partners in mind, so that there’s no confusion when introducing games to their loved ones.

You can find the app by going to the App Store and searching “A Better Visit.” You can also read more about it here.

Hey, now here’s a good excuse to go buy an iPad.

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