Who is the target market for your class? I’m the sole and exhausted caregiver for my husband, i’ve read your book and at least a dozen more. I might look into part-time or volunteer caregiving at that future time when I have time, but right now I just struggle with THE DECISION, afraid to do it because I might be motivated by selfishness, and afraid not to do it because he is so bored and frustrated by the trials of ordinary life (like guys outside mowing our lawn). Will the class help me?

You definitely fall in the target market (caregivers) and I do have a part on moving someone, but the book is all about that, as you know. I HOPE it would help you! But if you have specific questions and things you’re considering, scheduling a call with me may actually make the most sense.

PS If you’re thinking about moving him, it’s time. Trust yourself!

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