Hi. Our family is going through an awful time as we’ve just placed Mum who has Alzheimer’s into respite for a couple of weeks. She has been in hospital with a bad back back a few days before this, and the respite is to give Dad a break and to try and fix her back so we can get her home. She is terribly resistant at the moment, thinks all the staff are against her, and she’s awfully paranoid. It’s such a worry. Is this behaviour typical and will it get better? Thank you.

Sounds like something called “hospital-induced delirium.” It SHOULD get better, but we also want to ensure they didn’t put her on any new medications that are making her more agitated. Bring in some comforts from home, and maybe try a white noise machine to decrease the amount of beeping and voices she can hear in the hallway. People with dementia often get overwhelmed in the hospital, so that’s probably what you’re seeing. Keep an eye on her behaviors, if things aren’t calming down once she leaves hospital, bring her to a doctor for evaluation.

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