my grandma lives in an amazing assisted living facility with awesome staff and is always surrounded by lovely people. one thing that’s kind of weird to me, though, is that she is very… flirty. like, she apparently has a “husband” now (possibly thinking he’s my grandpa? we’re not sure) and has to be monitored or she’ll be sneaking into men’s rooms when she’s not supposed to. how do you deal with patients that act inappropriately like that?

The good news is that’s totally normal behavior! There’s not much dealing to be done, unless what we are doing is dealing with our own feelings about it. She sounds like she knows what she’s doing, which is good. My only concern is that she and her chosen partner(s) both have the cognitive ability to consent. As long as both parties are cognitively capable of consent, and the families know what’s happening, we should allow her some privacy.

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