Hi Rachael – my husband, Bryan, has a grandmother who was diagnosed with dementia last year. The family is adjusting (thanks to your blog), but this week she had a stroke that left her with slurred speech. Due to the dementia she can’t remember the stroke and breaks down crying from confusion and embarrassment. What should the family do to help her through this?

I’m really glad that my blog has been helpful! I would recommend playing it off as much as possible. Saying things like, “Sometimes if I don’t get enough sleep, my brain doesn’t work right, either!” or, “Don’t worry, I think you’re noticing this more than anyone else is!” can make her feel better and less alone. In good/bad news, she will eventually moved past being upset because she’ll probably stop recognizing the deficit. When will this happen? No idea. Until that time, really play it off and play up your own issues. “Sometimes I forget why I even came into the room!” things like that.

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