my mother has early-moderate stage vascular dementia. She lives at home with my dad and me (I relocated back home to help). In the last few months she’s hit daily phases of grumpy, almost nasty comments, complains constantly and says it’s too quiet so knocks/bangs on tables, doors, taps her feet. She complains about the food and has thrown a few veggies and laughs. It’s like she’s become a spoiled little kid. She was elementary teacher in her former life and loved kids. What is going on?

You answered this in your first sentence: she has dementia! That’s why it’s happening. In good news, these things pass. Here’s what I would do: find out if there ARE things you can adjust in her environment to make her more comfortable. Add music for calming, see if she’s on medications that could be making her more aggressive, add some extra snacks and water throughout the day, make sure her clothes are comfortable and fitting well, all of that good stuff!

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