so my grandmother is in the moderate to severe range with her dementia. she’s actually doing quite well, we have her at home with 24/7 care. we’ve tried assessing her reality but she’s made it somewhat difficult to do. your last post kind of addressed some of the stuff that’s left us puzzled. one issue we’ve had is general confusion about her home, where she has lived for fifteen years. the normal questions come up about this not being her home. what’s strange is she’s convinced the house looks+

(Continued question: +exactly like the one she claims is her home! she’ll look down at the rug and say “this looks like my rug.” there was one day where she was telling me “today we went to a house. two chairs. a table. a couch.” quickly we realized she was describing about bout of confusion earlier that day in her home. while i know anything is possible for someone with dementia, have you ever heard/seen anyone else who does something similar?)

Yes, definitely. This is totally normal and totally okay. All she wants is some reassurance that she’s safe and that she can “go home soon.” She’s recognizing things, but can’t quite place them. Let her talk about the place, but don’t ask questions that are directed at reorienting her. Be kind, know she doesn’t and won’t understand her location, and know it’s definitely normal.

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