Hi Rachael- this question is about someone who was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, just moved into an independent living facility and is very functional and independent. She has been asking everyday most of the day where her husband is (he died a year ago). When you ask her “where do you think he is” she responds “that’s right, he died”. That works for a moment then she’ll ask again. It upsets her when she wonders where he is when we aren’t there . How should we help her when she’s alone?

The problem is, you really can’t help her when she’s alone. The only thing you could do is teach the staff there the technique…but in independent living, there isn’t much staff interaction, usually. If she’s already this confused about time, she’s probably not appropriate for independent living—at least not for very long. At some point, she will probably forget that he’s passed away (good job using the best technique for this!) and she’ll give you a different answer.

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