Hi there. So, my mother in law’s mother lives with us (at my in laws). She’s 90 next month and was initially diagnosed with “moderate” dementia, then eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I feel bad for my MIL because her mom has no interests. She just sits and watches the cooking channel. Do you have any suggestions for activities for her? She’s never really had a hobby, except caring for her husband, who passed away in 2016.

Hi! Yes, for starters, see the most recent article about asking someone with dementia for help. It can be really daunting to start an activity when it feels like someone doesn’t have any, but I’d start with something YOU want to do and then try that. Like, bring home some baking materials, and ask her for help baking cookies. If she likes it, try to expand it. Or, if she doesn’t, try something else. She may also be a good candidate for a stuffed animal or baby doll! People often believe they’re real sooner in dementia than you think!

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