Are there any memory care facilities for Deaf people? There are only a handful of Deaf assisted living facilities in North America that I know of, and I couldn’t find any information on memory care facilities for the Deaf. It’s so frustrating because we haven’t even be able to find ASL fluent doctors for my family member, and I feel the ability to diagnose and treat cognitive issues is complicated by our using an interpreter to go through.

I’ve been teaching myself ASL over the last year or two, a tiny bit at a time, and thought about this exact issue. I don’t think there’s a thing like what you’re asking, which is a huge gap in care. Dementia care in the US is lacking in big ways, so I’d be surprised if we had anything that met the needs of the Deaf: we just aren’t progressive enough as a country with our healthcare.

What I will say is this, though: in later stages of dementia, a lot of people who speak English as a second language go back to speaking their original language, therefore creating a sort of language barrier between them and everyone else. What I’ve learned in these cases is that the person’s expression and body language means a lot more than their actual words.

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