Hello! I’m 17 and my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just over two years ago. I am currently taking care of him; due to other health problems (heart failure, cancer, cold, etc.) his health is degrading quite quickly. I have help from my mother and older brother, but we are all very busy. I am beginning a new job soon to help with medical bills (cancer is expensive!) and I’m worried about taking care of him. He is very aggressive, I worry a new caretaker may only make him act out more! (1)

(2) any advice on helping this hangs take place? We are just thinking of having someone to take him to his radiation appointments and to watch him from then until five when I get home. How do you suggest we integrate this stranger into my fathers life? Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

My answer: I usually recommend suggesting that the new caregiver is there to help YOU or help “clean the house” so he doesn’t get annoyed that the person is there for him. 

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