Hello, my boyfriend and I are dealing with his sister with dementia who also has down syndrome. She is at the stage of people ( that are not there ) stealing her stuff. She gets very angry and agitated. She has crying fits at night time and is constantly yelling at them to get out of her room at night. Any advise on dealing with her, its so hard because of the down syndrome. She is on anti seizure medication for mild seizures my boyfriend thinks that’s causing this. I don’t think it is.

Down Syndrome and Early-Onset Alzheimer’s often coexist because of a genetic abnormality, which is pretty awful. So, the seizure medication COULD be causing this, but, more likely, this is just a part of her dementia. What you all need to do is this: see those people, too. Let her know that you’ll do your best to keep her stuff safe. Telling her that she’s wrong, and that people aren’t stealing her stuff, is just making her more mad. You can’t completely solve the problem, but you can alleviate some of the pain. 

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