I hope you don’t mind questions but I have some things I was wondering. 1) Are there signs that someone with Dementia is near death? I work in the memory care part of a retirement facility and just wanted to know what typical patterns or clues if any that I might be missing. 2) Is Dementia in dogs similar to Dementia in humans or does it manifest differently?

1. It’s similar to when other people get close to death: they stop eating, or eating as much, and tend to spend more time sleeping. Sometimes there’s an abrupt change in behavior, like after a fall, and sometimes it is gradual. I’ve also noticed that people are sometimes more agitated, like they can’t “sit still” and always want to try and go somewhere else.

2. I am no vet, but I believe it’s similar. The problem, of course, is that dogs don’t speak the way that we speak, so it’s hard to know if there’s much of a memory issue other than observation. 

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