Hello! My Grandma is in care for her dementia. I find it really challenging to visit her, because she is frequently very anxious and sad (the staff have noted that she is exceptionally depressed/anxious a lot of the time- more so than most other people living there). They have tried so many things, but nothing is helping. She perks up when people visit her, but reverts back to being sad/anxious when we leave. I find it so hard to see her suffer, so I end up not visiting. Thoughts?

I think it’s good to visit, anyway, because her time with you is so important to her. Try this next time: bring something from home that she can continue to enjoy, like some cookies you baked for her. It sounds like she needs company! Has the staff been bringing her to activities? Instead of them asking her, “Do you want to…?” have them go in, take her hand, and say, “Come with me.” Don’t ask, just initiate bringing her to an activity with other people around. She’s probably lonely but doesn’t know how to deal with it!

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