Hello! My grandma is in care for dementia. I would say she is in the moderate to late stage. She is always sad and often anxious. When we engage with her, she is happy for a while. However, whenever the staff try to involve her in any group activity (music, dining in the dining room, crafts) she refuses too. She’s on an antidepressant but she’s still incredibly sad

It’s probably the way that they approach her. They probably say something like, “Do you want to join us?” She’ll say no, but it may not be because she doesn’t want to, but because she doesn’t understand the question. They need to start saying to her, “Come with us,” or, “Can you help me? I want to get some of the new residents involved in an activity, I’d love for you to help them.” This will no doubt change how she responds. Don’t give someone with dementia an opportunity to say “no.”

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