hello! i work with people who got disabilities, one of these women got trisomie 21 and dementia, since it’s common that these two go hand in hand, i was wondering if you know any blogs/ websites or sth. where i can read how to handle difficult situations? validation doesn’t work often and i didn’t found websites in my mother language (which is german) for other strategies that might work. do you have any articles about it? thanks and keep going ☺

Trisomy 21 (typically called Down’s Syndrome in the US) is often associated with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. Are you not able to embrace their reality? This SHOULD work! Getting into their world, rather than trying to bring them into our world, solves a lot of behavioral issues. Even if they are saying things that aren’t true, or causing disturbances, it’s okay to make them feel as though correct and listened to. (I can’t help much with the German, the only thing I know how to say is Ich liebe dich and ein Bier bitte)

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