How do you communicate?


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“How do I communicate with someone living with dementia?” & how to Embrace Their Reality(TM)

Below you’ll find a list of blog posts that answer challenging questions on communication in dementia care. You’ll also learn more about how to Embrace Their Reality! Click the topic to read the post.

Enter the Gray Area: Communicating with someone living with dementia

Only 3 Questions You Need in Dementia Caregiving

It’s time we ditched the word “lying” in dementia caregiving

Why “remember?” doesn’t work

When it’s hard to “embrace someone’s reality”

“Why can’t I…find…the words?”

Should I remind her that her sister died?

Stop taking people with dementia to the cemetery + stories from my blog readers!

Dementia gives us gifts, let’s not reject them

The BEST communication tip I have

Why is “no” the default answer?

Embracing and interacting with hallucinations

Never ask someone with dementia if they “remember your name”

“Therapeutic lying” is a ridiculous phrase

“But you already took them” and other Logic Statements that don’t work

5 steps to get you into the world of someone living with dementia

Stop trying to convince them

How to stop quizzing people with dementia in 5 steps

“But he said he wants to live alone” and other problematic dementia care statements

How do I talk to my loved one with dementia about money?

Why do people with dementia mistake others for their spouses?

How to engage with someone who doesn’t respond

3 things you can do to cope with repetitive questions

After the dreaded “302″

“She KNOWS something is wrong with her.”

What the heck is “reminiscence therapy”?

“Dad knows he’s 98 but still thinks he’s working! How is this possible?”

The man who mistook his wife for…another woman

“Give me a hand” and other confusing statements

5 reasons you shouldn’t be the sole caregiver

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Rachael Wonderlin is an internationally-recognized dementia care expert and consultant. She has a Master’s in Gerontology and is the author of two published books with Johns Hopkins University Press. Rachael owns Dementia By Day, a dementia care consulting and education company.

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