Hi rachel,my mother has alsheimers. She is 86 years old. On Saturday, she was coming down the stairs and skipped a step and fell. She broke her 2 wrists. She has 2 casts on. She is in pain and cries a lot. Today she woke up screaming asking who was in her room, who did this to her. I have been explaining to her what happened that it was an accident then she fell and we took her by ambulance to the hospital. But none of it is registering of course. What is the best approach with this situation

It sounds like she shouldn’t be living at home, for one. You also need to stop trying to explain it to her. She has Alzheimer’s and won’t remember falling. Logic doesn’t work on people with dementia. When she says “who did this” say, “I don’t know, you will feel better soon.”

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