Day: October 21, 2017

Mom has been in a memory care community for a year in November. She is struggling with being there as she still doesn't believe she has any problems, hates being "locked" up, and is not as far down the path as most others there. In the past she has thrown some temper tantrums, for a lack of a better word, when in public and feeling anxious or not the center of attention. My nephew is getting married in December and we aren't sure about her coming. Any suggestions?

Don’t bring her. Don’t feel guilty about not bringing her—just don’t do it. She’s going to be confused, and weddings are long, stressful events. It’s

Hi Racheal – FIrst of all thank you for your blog and all of the information you provide. Both of my parents have dementia, my mother farther along. My daddy has been having physical therapy and the PT was asking if anyone had ever mentioned that he may have Parkinson's. He referred to the "mask" look he sometimes has and the absence of his own "intent" on doing things. We are going to his PC doctor soon and I will mention it, but you also mentioned the far off look in the blog. Any comments?

So, he could have Parkinson’s Disease Dementia or he could have Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Those are related to Parkinson’s. If you have questions after

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