Sound & Motion Waterfall Pictures as a dementia device!

I added something like this to a community recently. It’s a moving waterfall picture (and I found it on Moving Waterfall Pictures) and had it sent to the local community where I was consulting.

This type of picture actually adds a lot to a dementia care community, or, really, anywhere where your loved one with dementia is living. The picture lights up, looks realistic, and has a calming noise. It’s not overwhelming, but it is still interactive and interesting.

I’ve worked in a lot of communities, and one thing I’ve noticed is that people with dementia often won’t pay attention to things on the walls, at least not in an interactive way. While wall art makes communities look a lot better, the residents often don’t engage with the art much. This, however, is a totally different type of art. It’s almost like TV, but has a calming, ongoing effect. You can actually leave the picture on throughout the day. 

I definitely recommend this type of artwork if you have a boring wall. The one I got was $100 and they didn’t charge shipping, which was pretty nice. I am not endorsing one company over another, but the one I used did get my waterfall picture to my community safely and quickly.

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