Agreeing to Remember: Teaching Dementia Care Through Improv

A friend and I just started a new group, Agreeing to Remember. I’ve been performing improv comedy for over 7 years, and, other than dementia care, it’s my biggest passion. I love being on stage, “playing” with my friends, and creating a world that didn’t exist previously.

Improv and positive dementia care have a lot in common. You’ve probably heard this before, though. There are podcasts, online videos, and blog posts detailing the importance and emerging art of teaching dementia care through improv techniques.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and that’s where we’ve started this group. I’m really excited to be able to bring something new to this community, but I also hope that we’ll be able to travel to other places. I think the techniques that you learn in improv (such as: always agree with your scene partner, say “yes, and”, and help your scene partner to build something awesome) are all things we use in dementia care, too.

Our site is brand new, but you can look at it for more information.

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