Hello Rachael! My mother has misplaced a ring. It’s not necessarily a valuable ring but one she has had for a long time. We found it twice and now it’s missing again. Here is my problem. Today, while I was at work, my mother decided to go look in my bedroom in my dresser, etc for the ring. I have repeatedly told her that I have not taken her ring. What do I do to get this behavior to stop? My adult daughter was there with her today when this happened.

Hi! That’s an interesting situation. I would go out and get a few duplicate, cheap rings for her. Keep them all except one, and give that one to her. Say, “Mom! Look, I found your ring!” and just let her have it. I would recommend locking your bedroom door, if you can. Many people with dementia have a “one track mind,” and if she’s focused on that ring, it will only stop when she A.) gets a ring replacement or B.) forgets about it–but that could take a while!

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