Hospital Kindness Cart

Memorable Pets is my favorite company to work with. I’m currently working in my third community, and this is also the third community where I’ve brought Memorable Pets to work. (See example below)

My residents love playing with and cuddling the Pets. Currently, Memorable Pets are being featured in a Connecticut hospital. This is a really amazing thing, considering the challenges that I know come with hospital administrations. The fact that a “Kindness Cart” is really making a difference is wonderful. 

Volunteers take the Cart from room to room, visiting the patients with dementia. Each is offered something special from the cart: combs, books, floss, crayons, or other useful items. Many of the patients, it seems, choose a Memorable Pet instead. 

From my own experience, I have seen the impact that these realistic-looking pets have made on my residents. They have the same impact as the baby dolls often do. Sometimes, the impact is even greater, I think because of the kind of joy real pets brought to people in their younger lives.

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