Free PDF: If I Get Dementia – Personal Preferences

My list, “16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia,” continues to make its way to websites all over the world. People still contact me weekly to ask if they can reproduce the list in their blogs, brochures, classes, support groups, and more. The popularity of the list made me want to create something else: a free, downloadable PDF that allows people to fill out information about their personal preferences and needs in case they get dementia. It could seem a little dark or foreboding, but it’s a reality: if you get dementia, you’re going to want people to know what your personal preferences are. From everything from sleeping to eating to your favorite or least favorite daily tasks, you know you best.

Download my free PDF here, print it, and save it somewhere safe.

** FIXED download issue on 5/26. Alternatively, the JPEG version is below:


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