My mom has had dementia for about 3 years and it has slowly gotten worse. In January of this year she got neumonia Assperated type, swallowing problem, going down the wrong pipe and had to be hospitalized. She is on thicken liquids and now she went from assisted living to a rest home where she has 24/7 care. It seems that ever since she went to the hospital she has been going down hill, no energy, has a hard time standing, no appetite, and sleeps all the time. Is this Alzheimer’s?

I cannot say from that description if it is, in fact, Alzheimer’s disease, BUT Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. My guess is that it is probably Alzheimer’s, mainly for that reason, but also for the slower progression of her disease. Also, hospitals are really tough on people with dementia–they don’t bounce back the way we do.

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