Day: March 11, 2016

My mother is 92 and has vascular dementia. Let me explain that my mother was always an angry, vindictive person to her children. Her visits usually ended with her getting mad because we wouldn't do something she wanted so she just packed up and left without a word. I am caring for her in my home now. She has extremely bad paranoia and thinks I am stealing from her and hiding her things. She will scream, yell and cuss me out several times a day. What am I supposed to do? At wits end. Thank you.

Hi, I’m sorry that you are going through this. Honestly, my best answer is to get her into a dementia care community. This probably won’t

My mom has had dementia for about 3 years and it has slowly gotten worse. In January of this year she got neumonia Assperated type, swallowing problem, going down the wrong pipe and had to be hospitalized. She is on thicken liquids and now she went from assisted living to a rest home where she has 24/7 care. It seems that ever since she went to the hospital she has been going down hill, no energy, has a hard time standing, no appetite, and sleeps all the time. Is this Alzheimer's?

I cannot say from that description if it is, in fact, Alzheimer’s disease, BUT Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. My guess is

My grandmother is 84 and in the early stages of dementia. Sometimes she becomes upset with my father for seemingly no reason, accusing him of trying to "get rid of her" or calling him a "lazy good-for-nothing" (neither of which are true). Is this a common symptom of dementia, and how should we respond when she does this? She also has a history of abusing Klonopin by taking far more than what is prescribed to her. Could her paranoia be caused by that?

Yes, this is a common symptom of dementia. People with dementia can become irritable and agitated very quickly, and it’s exacerbated, in this case, by

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