We recently had to sell our boat but my husband won’t stop looking for it. How do I get him past this, I’ve tried everything I know.

Hi! Thanks for writing in!

I wouldn’t even bother trying to get him “past” it, because he’s not going to remember that it’s gone. When he does hear it’s gone, he’s going to be upset. I would do this: tell him it’s in the shop being fixed, but you’ll have it back soon. Chances are good that this excuse will work most days. If he presses the issue, “It’s been a week and the boat isn’t back yet!” (Which I doubt) – pretend to call the mechanic working on it. You can even start blaming this “mechanic” for your problems. You aren’t putting the blame on yourself for selling it, and your husband won’t be upset that it’s gone. It’s only “temporary,” and that should help.

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