What are the benefits in keeping a person with dementia active.? What kind of activities should we do?

Hi! The benefits are endless, and I don’t even mean that in a corny way! When a person with dementia is engaged and active, they are less depressed, sundown less, show less anxiety, and are less aggressive!

The type of activities that a person with dementia can do depend on that person’s stage. For example, people in later stages of dementia may only be able to hold or cuddle a baby doll or a stuffed animal. This IS an activity, so don’t forget that this is an option.

People in moderate stages of dementia can put together puzzles with large pieces that are easy to pick up, paint, sing along to music, fold and match socks, match or play cards, organize silverware, or really do any activity that is modified to meet their level of need.

For example, someone who used to love baking may need some assistance. Maybe you can give this person the spoon and bowl to mix ingredients together while you do the harder stuff!

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