You’re Putting A Baby In Here?

We hadn’t even finished setting up the new Baby Station when two residents walked in. Marilyn, pushing her walker, let out a cry of happiness.

“Look at this BABY!” she yelled, looking into the crib we had just purchased from Toys ‘R Us. 

I reached in and took out the doll, handing it to Marilyn as she sat down in the rocking chair. 

A lot of people had been skeptical—including the visitors that entered the room as a group of us set up the Station. “You’re putting baby dolls…in here…?” the woman asked, furrowing her brow in distaste. 

Her skepticism waned as she saw how enthusiastic Marilyn was about this baby. 

Later that day, I walked down the hallway with the baby in my arms. Marilyn spotted me from across the room and called out. 

“That’s my baby! Where has she been?!” Marilyn called happily. I handed her the doll and she pulled the baby close.

“Oh, oh, you’re just like your mom, little Marilyn,” she cooed.


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