I don’t have a question. But a couple of incidents that occured a few days ago. My wife peed in a shoe(Why? I don’t know). She brought the shoe to show. I emptied it in the toilet & washed it clean. Later that night, she went to the bathroom & peed in the trash can beside the toilet. The toilet seat cover was on. Therefore, I presume she used the trash can!! Later, I discovered that I had given her 1 mgm of Ativan(Lorazepam). I should really give 0.25 mgm dose to her. I’ve learnt my lesson!

She’s probably looking for somewhere to use the bathroom, but gets confused and uses anything with a hole (a shoe, a trash can.) I would recommend trying to take her to the toilet more often, like actually ask her to come with you and then show her to the bathroom on a regular basis. That should help!

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