My mother has Lewy Body Dementia. She does not like to do “tasks”. Any suggestions on how I can get her to do things? Her husband has passed and she is always looking for him and says she’ll do whatever when Bob gets here. I am so frustrated, I have tried so many things, but am at a loss. I hope that you have a few suggestions, thanks Linda B

Hi Linda B.,

What kinds of “tasks” does she hate doing? What did she used to do while waiting for Bob to come home? I have a feeling he probably took care of “stuff around the house,” so she assumes when he gets home he’ll do whatever needs doing. Are you just trying to get her engaged in something so she’s not anxiously awaiting his arrival? I wonder if she would wash dishes, do laundry, or even put photo albums together, etc, if she felt as though he’d appreciate it when he arrives. Could you say, “Well, at least you could do XY&Z while you’re waiting for him? I’m sure he would be happy if the laundry was sorted.” Let me know what you think, and let me know if you have more details regarding her dislike of tasks.

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