Day: November 12, 2014

My mother who has moderate level dementia doesn't remember to wash her hair when she takes a shower. When the staff suggest that she needs to wash her hair she will tell them it doesn't need to be washed. It's making her very angry and sensitive to the issue. She is currently in Assisted Living any suggestions that I can suggest to the staff?

I guess they don’t help her shower at all? The problem is that she’s probably really offended when the staff tells her that her hair

A Guest Post By bluejeanius1

“Still A Diva” My mom, who has Alzheimer’s and is in hospice care, finds it hard to voice her thoughts.  A couple of days ago

Death & Dementia.

“What happens when your residents die? Do your other residents get upset? Do they remember that person?” many people have asked me.  Angela* has fairly

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