Day: September 24, 2014

Is it from benzos or…?

Dear Rachael,I have a MS degree in chemistry and am 63 years old married man from Croatia. Lately, I observed strange phenomena like seeing people

Hi, i just read your blog on the Alzheimer's reading room and loved it. My mom suffers from dementia and I recently moved her to a memory care facility near me. I was wondering why some people with dementia stop taking? It isn't that she can't, she will read a page from a book or sing a song if I start her on it but she will not carry on a conversation. She will just smile and shrug her shoulders when asked a question. It is taking me longer each time to even get a word out. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for writing in, and good question! Some people lose the ability to speak in what’s called “aphasia,” but this doesn’t sound like it