They’re so cute!

“I used to teach kids older than this, though, five or six-year-olds, kids getting ready for kindergarten. But these are so cute! Practically in diapers!” she said, grinning emphatically at the three-year-olds.

I took three of my residents to read to preschool children yesterday, and I can’t rave about it enough. It was amazing. They read to the kids, talked to them, received many hugs, and even listened to them sing their “ABCs”. I smiled so much I thought my face might break. One of the residents is ninety-three. This means she is literally ninety years older than the kids she was reading to.

Another one of my residents used to be a kindergarten teacher, and I knew she’d enjoy this outing. Usually she is tough to understand, but yesterday she was as clear as day when she spoke. It was almost like the trip had energized her a little. I put this on the calendar again for two weeks from now.

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