Rachael Wonderlin is a dementia care consultant and the owner of Dementia By Day, LLC.

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Online Classes

CHECK OUT “MASTERING MEMORY CARE MARKETING” ON UDEMY – I teamed up with a colleague of mine to create a class that educates people working in senior living. We know that you are asked the tough questions about dementia care, and we want you to have the best possible answers! Use the code DEMENTIABYDAY for $5 off!

NEW: DEMENTIA BY DAY CAREGIVING MASTERCLASS! My masterclass, designed for anyone and everyone who wants to know more about caring for people living with dementia. Use the code DEMENTIABYDAY for $10 off!


“16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia” poster

I created this list in 2014, and since then it’s been all over the Web—and in senior living communities! I decided to make it official and sell a print of my poster. Shipping included for the continental US—please email me if you are outside this area. DETAILS: 11×14 inches, matte paper, card stock, full color


“16 Things” Postcard Size 5x7in.

Available in quantities of 50! These are printed as 5x7 inch postcards. For more prints, just increase the amount you are buying; remember, they come in packs of 50.


“3 Questions To Save You Stress” poster

This poster features my 3 favorite questions to use in dementia care. It’s a great reminder for staff or families to not only live in the reality of the person with dementia, but to let that person guide them there. Shipping included for the continental US—please email me if you are outside this area. DETAILS: 11×14 inches, matte paper, card stock, full color


“When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community”

You can purchase my book from the JHU Press website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. If you purchase it from my site, I’ll sign it and include a personalized message! Paperback only. Shipping included for the continental US—please email me if you are outside this area.


Hour-Long Phone Call

60 minutes with me on the phone, answering your questions about dementia caregiving. Pay here and I will email you directly and ASAP to schedule a time to talk.


About & Events


  • I wrote the only book on moving someone to a care community, and it’s published by Johns Hopkins University Press…stay tuned for 2 more books due out in 2019 and 2020!
  • I travel all over the country speaking, training, and consulting in dementia care. For a list of places I’ve worked with, check out my Senior Community page.
  • My favorite topics to speak on include, “How to communicate with people who have dementia,” “Interior design and dementia care,” and “Keeping people with dementia engaged.”
  • I serve on the board for the Allegheny Area Agency on Aging.
  • I serve on the NIDE Council, the National Institute for Dementia Education.
  • My hair is naturally dark blonde, but it’s also been purple and gray!
  • I have a Master’s in Gerontology from UNC Greensboro and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington.
  • You’ve probably seen my “16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia” list somewhere on social media.
  • I’ve been working, interning, and volunteering in long-term care environments since 2005.
  • I’ve been featured in The Washington Post, NPR, KDKA Radio, Hawaii Public Radio
  • I was a professional film actress—agent and everything—when I was a kid.
  • Dementia care is my passion: you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anyone who loves working in this field more than I do.
  • I have been doing improv comedy for over eight years and sketch comedy for over three years. You’re welcome to check out some of my sketch comedy work, but know that it’s probably not safe for work…but I guess it depends where you work!
  • My friend Chris and I run a dementia care and improv comedy workshop. Learn more about that here.

Rachael Wonderlin
Photo with Shooz the cat

My book in Barnes & Noble

2018 speaking event + slightly-purple hair


For more of my resume and past consulting history, see this page.

BRiTE Mild Cognitive Impairment program every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

You may see some of my work online for Enlivant Senior Living’s blog or for Trualta’s classes, a company that designs online learning for caregivers.

Cool places I went in 2018: Caring Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii, Remember Me Senior Care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, The Waters Senior Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota

January 22nd: Webinar for Residential Hospice in Troy, Michigan

All of February: Monday lectures at Osher Lifelong Learning at University of Pittsburgh

February 12th, 19th, 26th: Staff training at UPMC Canterbury

February 27th: Carnegie Mellon University lecture in Pittsburgh, PA

March 6th: Agreeing to Remember improv/dementia workshop at Steel City Improv Theater from 7-9:30, open to the public with ticket purchase

March 9th: Agreeing to Remember improv/dementia workshop at ManorCare

April: To-be featured on KDKA Radio

August 2nd: AERS Conference in Montgomery, AL

August 8th: PALA Conference keynote speaker in Cranberry, PA




I had been the sole caregiver for my wife who was well into dementia. I responded to the invitation Rachael made in her blog – a very low cost for promised answers to reasonable questions about how one could/should proceed with and accept a fitting solution to a dementia problem. My takeaway is that Rachael didn’t care about the money, she immediately cared about me. She convincingly assured me that putting my wife in compatible, professional care would be the best thing to do, and would result in better care both for her and for me. She was right! A communication from Rachael is like a hug with a pat on the back.

Everett A. Emerson, a long-time blog reader


Rachael’s training program is excellent! Our care staff loved this training and remained totally engaged throughout the whole week. We are now better prepared to give our residents the care and understanding they need and to support our resident families with confidence. She also helped us with our engagement activities, and daily activity calendars. We are now “Dementia By Day” Certified!  We will definitely have her back for further training! Thank you Rachael!

Tracy Sneed, Owner of Remember Me Senior Care

We are very impressed by Rachael’s depth of hands-on experience addressing dementia at all stages. Having worked hands-on with hundreds of residents at home and in care communities, she teaches by anecdote, and her insights have energized our team and our residents’ families to make meaningful connections with people who have dementia.

Todd Pang, Owner of Caring Manoa Assisted Living

I was thrilled to finally meet Rachael on her whirlwind speaking event at The Waters Senior Living Communities in White Bear Lake Minnesota. Rachael arrived at our community on the final leg of her tour with her positivity and genuine nature.
Our community learned about the stages of dementia and how to maneuver through difficult situations with grace and compassion. We are excited and honored to have Rachael as a resource and friend for life!

Heather Kerl, Executive Director at The Waters of White Bear Lake

As one of the first board-certified geriatricians in the United States thirty years ago, I would like to enthusiastically affirm the wise and practical utility of Rachael Wonderlin’s approach to the common problem of how to ease the distress and mitigate the behavioral difficulties so commonly seen among those who suffer from the dementias. In the process, Rachael also eases the distress of those who care for and about them.

Dr. Barry Farkas, Geriatrician

Rachael was very knowledgeable and interactive with our team during her training.   She presented a thorough understanding of Dementia as a whole and used numerous real life examples that kept everyone engaged. She most importantly gave the team a list of recommendations as to how we can create a world for our consumer to live a safe and meaningful life!

Nicole Foust, Arc Human Services

Rachael is someone I reach out to on a regular basis with questions about anything dementia-related. She is an amazing resource, and is so excited about what she does! I admire her passion for educating people about dementia, and for providing programming that will give dementia residents purpose and inspiration.

Amanda Nowak, The Simple Home Interior Design

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