Crush Your Move-In Quota!

Gain a fresh perspective for your dementia care community

Because pre-packaged programs weren’t built with your brand in mind.

Everyone else teaches the same stuff about dementia care.

We always hear, “Redirect, Validate, Distract, never lie.” These techniques don’t get the job done—and they’re incredibly confusing for families.

Instead, let’s Embrace Their Reality(TM).

Dementia is receiving more attention than ever before

You’re noticing that your competition is heating up and that your company’s lack of a focused dementia program—and staff training—is hurting your bottom line.

Residents’ families asking questions that you’re struggling to answer? Staff not “getting it”?

Let me answer the tough questions for you

Find out why Benchmark Senior Living bought 700 copies of my first book for their residents’ families! My second book, “Creative Engagement,” is due out this June.

Because program development is much easier with an expert as your guide.

We worked with Rachael through her 6-month consulting program, during which she created for us a train-the-trainer dementia education program for both our caregivers and our clients’ families. We didn’t have a program like this previously, and knew we needed something to keep us competitive. Rachael’s Embrace Their Reality technique matches our belief of meeting people where they are and the way we want to reach our clients. 

Mike Hollen, Chief Innovation Officer at Asbury Home Services

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My approach to dementia care is unique—your’s should be, too

I’ve been featured on a number of TV programs, like NightTalk, and in various news articles from outlets across the country. Find out why.

Let’s take your program to the next level.

Gain a fresh approach to dementia care

I want to learn more about you and your team—and where you want to go.

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Other major purchasers (100 or more copies) include Benton House, The Arbor Company, Arden Courts and ManorCare

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